Developed Sapphire Touch Screen, Diamond Grinding Rods, Silicon Carbide (SiC) Cutting, Grinding, Polishing Process and Supplies and Large Single Crystal Diamond


Successfully Registered ISO-9001 Certification

Developed AnyCut Multi-function of Diamond Wire Saws for Squaring (AnyCut®)

Developed EasyCut Multi-wire of Diamond Wire Saws for Slicing

Developed New Process for High Effective Electroplated (EP) Diamond Coating Wire (Improving Quality and Service Life)

Developed New Process for High Effective Resins (RB) Diamond Coating Wire (Improving Quality and Reducing the Wire Consumption of 4 meter/wafer)


Established the Advanced Instrumental Analysis Center and Combined the Academic Resources (Universities and Research Institutes) for Co-operations and Exchange

Developed PV Wafer Separator

Developed Single Wire Saws Equipment.

Developed Fix Abrasives for PV Wafering Process


Developed Wire Saws Coolant (Dia.-Coolant)

Developed Wire saws Roller & Roller guides (Dia.-Pulley)

Developed G-Power (Solid/Liquid Separator)


Developed Gigabond Epoxy Adhesives (AB-Glue)

Developed Multi-Wire Saws Equipment


Developed & Massively Produce Diamond Wires

Became The 4th in The World, The 1st In Taiwan and China to Massively Produce Diamond Wires

Developed Multi-Wire Saws Machine

Developed Sapphire Substrate Process, Equipment and Consumable


Established Micron Diamond Wire & Equipment Co., Ltd. (MDWEC)

Developed Free Abrasive Material (Silicon Carbide) for Wire Saw and Recycling System

Developed Diamond Coated Wire of Electro Plated & Resin Bonded, Wire Saw Equipment, and So On