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This product can be applied to truncate large, irregularly-shaped, hard and brittle materials such as silicon crystal, quartz, ceramics, sapphire, glass, gallium arsenide, and so on.


• Single diamond wire saws design, reciprocal wire travel direction, PLC program control
• High wire-speed design; combining with MDWEC Diamond-Coated Wire can shorten the cutting time by 50%, lower cost and enhance the productivity
• Rocking options are available for improving excellent surface completion and thickness control
• Suitable for slicing brittle & hard materials, the versatile working-platform design can be applied to a wide range of workpiece cutting
• The low kerf-loss reduces lapping & polishing time for the next stage and the waste of manpower and consumable
• The user-friendly computer-interfaced system is easy to operate and maintain, long consumable life, simple consumable replacement, and easy to acquire spare parts


Item (Model No.) uSWS-1700L
Workpiece dimension Max. 600 (H) X 600 (W) X 400 (D)
Wire running speed Max. 800 m/min
Wire guide Ø163 mm
Number of wire guides 6 sets
Rocking  degree 0 ~ +/-3
Z Table stroke 780 mm
Z In feed rate 0.01 ~ 150 mm/min
Wire diameter Ø 0.15 ~ 0.35 mm
Wire Tension Max. 60 N or less
Volume of the tank 100 L
Installation dimension 2620 (H) X 1700 (W) X 1050 (D)
Machine weight 2500 KG